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Aura Stone Trade & Design is a Swedish company based in Stockholm. We specialise in the provision, B2B & B2C, and supply chain management of natural stones globally.

Throughout the whole process, from the quarry to final delivery, we ensure that our services are efficient and professional. The service quality, accuracy, time and cost are delivered with the highest standard.

In everything we do, we persistently apply our SFST (Sustainable and Fair Stone Trade) Policy to mitigate any adverse effects of the stone industry, particularly on the trade workers and the environment. We intend on being the most reliable, valuable and efficient route between quarry owners and clients.

Aura Stone Trade & Design works closely with Asian, African, European, and Latin American suppliers to provide various stones, ranging in several categories and shapes.

We design, develop and market vast collections of creative and unique stone designs and items. Our products are made of natural stone for both interior and exterior design purposes.


Founder's words

"I believed that I had a general idea about various natural stone, but I was wrong."

As a Swedish Civil Engineer who "somehow" studied and worked with natural materials such as stone, I believed I had a general idea about various natural stones, but I was wrong.

First, in connection to my visit to Esfahan-Iran 2017 and the giant stone hub Mahmoud Abad there, I realised that I did not know much about the natural stone. I just became amazed and mesmerised by the variety, colourfulness, texture, pattern of stones there. I spent almost a whole day there, but it was not enough. That visit, alongside several subsequent visits to several stone quarries and other stone hubs in Iran and several other countries, boosted my passion for natural stones just made me "do something" in this regard. At the same time, the frequent questions in my mind were why access to such unique stones is so limited in my hometown Stockholm or elsewhere in Sweden or other Nordic countries, and why the price for buyers is exceptionally high.

To make a long history short, I can tell that finding answers to such questions, together with my increasing passion for natural stones, made me start Aura stone in 2018. Aura Stone is a business entity and a forum for inspiring others to use unique natural stone, stone designs and stone products.
My team member and I, in Aura stone, follow a learning curve for knowing and specialising more about natural stone, supply chain, various applications and designs. However, we do our utmost to learn more and share our passion with other people to find, like, and get natural stones/products conveniently, practically, joyful, and cost-efficiently. As founder and CEO of Aura Stone and Design, I aim to develop this company for being on the frontline for transmitting the traditional "stone business" into a modern, innovative, sustainable and creative one. 
We have the ambition to create a more user-friendly, eco-friendly, flexible and functional digital-based business in which creative interactions between our consumers, suppliers, cooperative partners and us, would be the primary fuel in our "machinery".

I welcome individuals and companies who can, with their abilities, capacities, ideas, and skills, join us in our journey forward.

8 reasons which make a cooperation with Aura Stone Extremely Beneficial and joyful for YOU

No. 1

... Passion for the natural stone ...

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We run this company to transmit our passion for the natural stone to other people instead of only for achieving an economic profit at the end of the day.


... Art & Design  ...

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No. 2

Our involvement in Art & Design makes us a fantastic facilitator for creating beautiful stone items, interiors and designs, rather than barely provide stones as constructional and coating material.


No. 3

... Cutting all unnecessary costs ...

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We offer our clients high-quality products and services with a valuable price tag by doing our utmost to Cutting all Unnecessary Costs.


... Ensure the Quality  ...

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No. 4

Our Presence during whole the stone supply chain Ensure the Quality of our products.


No. 5

... Without any middle hands ...

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We source our stones carefully directly from exclusively selected quarries and deliver them to you without any Middle Hands.


... Around the Globe  ...

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No. 6

Our curiosity for natural stones makes us search Around the Globe to complete our collection with new stone types with a unique appearance and exciting features.


No. 7

... Sustainable and Fair Stone Trade ...

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In everything we do, we persistently apply our SFST (Sustainable and Fair Stone Trade) Policy to mitigate any adverse effects of the stone industry, particularly on the trade workers and the environment.


... Fine, Like & Deal ...

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No. 8

As an Easy Going Partner, We strive for making FLD steps (Find, Like & Deal your natural stone) more practical, flexible, convenient and cost-efficient for our customers.

Let our fantastic natural stones and creative designs transform your space into

a unique and iconic spot