Aura Stone Trade & Design

 is a Swedish company, based in Stockholm. We specialise in the provision and supply chain management of natural stones, globally.


Throughout the whole process, from the quarry to final delivery, we ensure that our services are efficient and professional. The service quality, accuracy, time and cost is delivered with the highest standard.


In everything we do, we persistently apply our SFST (Sustainable and Fair Stone Trade) Policy to mitigate any negative effects of the stone industry, particularly on the trade workers and the environment. We intend on being the most reliable, useful and efficient route between quarry owners and clients.


Aura Stone works closely with Asian, African and Latin American markets to provides a wide variety of stones, ranging in several categories and shapes. We design, develop and market vast collections of creative and unique items. Our products are made of natural stone for both interior and exterior design purposes.

Welcome to the amazing and phenomenal world of Natural Stones

Our Products

Any natural stone we see around us is a result of a fascinating evolutionary process.  Mother nature’s minerals, over billions of years, have slowly been exposed to different chemical and physical reactions, which have shaped them as we see them today.


Using our stones for the interior decoration of your home, office etc. is a natural part of wanting to be close to the Earth. Humankind has a long history of being at one with nature, and incorporating that into your space is a fantastic feeling.


At Aura Stone we are passionate about bringing this wonderful feeling into your space, for you to enjoy and share with others. As we are so passionate about Mother Nature and our client’s needs, we take special care to identify and supply the natural stones perfect for your circumstances. We are pleased to provide a wide range of natural stones from stone cube to final products such as tiles, slabs, decorative or functional items. Our stones can be used for any type of space including kitchen, office, commercial premises or public environments.

Stone Blocks

Stone Slabs

Stone Tiles



Decortaive Items

Stone Types

One of the most essential components of our business activity is the large network of quarry owners and, block and slab yards across the world.


Due to our partnerships, we are able to provide a hassle free and upfront service for the most common stones such as; Granite, Marble, Slate, Soapstone, Travertine, Quartzite, Calcite. Otherwise, through our large network of dedicated and qualified fabricators around the world, we can offer our clients a wide range of exclusive and rare stones for all tastes and desires.



Sustainable and Fair Stone Trade, SFST

As part of the Swedish Business Community and, in alignment with its reputable code of conduct, Aura Stone strives to create a sustainable and fair global trading standard.

We work with natural stone producers, quarry owners and stone fabricators across developing markets to create fair trade partnerships. We also work closely with consumers in the European market to provide sufficient and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Aura Stone does its utmost to influence decision-makers to enhance working conditions and living standards of quarry and stone workers. We also endeavour to minimise or eliminate the negative impact that the stone excavation, fabrication and transportation process has on the environment.

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