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Aura Stone Trade and Design is a Swedish digital-based company focusing on natural stone supply chain management, project design and stone product-art development. We believe that natural stone is an outstanding "Green", "eco-friendly", and sustainable choice for various private, public, and commercial applications. We will be delighted to inspire our customers by providing unique customised products and services from single items to holistic solutions. Our digital-oriented and slim company structure, merged by our super-efficient workflows and passionate team members, alongside our cooperation with reliable and committed quarry owners and other contracted stone sources, make your experience of choosing the natural stones through Aura Stone sustainable,  joyful and considerably cost-efficient.

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At Aura Stone, we are passionate about bringing wonderful natural stones into your space. As we are passionate about Mother Nature and our client’s needs, we take special care to identify and supply the natural stones perfect for your circumstances. We are pleased to provide a wide range of natural stones from stone cubes to final products such as tiles, slabs, and decorative or functional items. Our stones can be used for any space, including kitchen, office, commercial premises or public environments. In general, we categorise our stones in the following collections;

Become inspired.....

Any natural stone we see around us is a result of a fascinating evolutionary process. Mother nature’s minerals, over billions of years, have slowly been exposed to different chemical and physical reactions, which have shaped them as we see them today.

Let us in our inspirational gallery highlight various applications of natural stones, either created by Aura Stone or by other creative interior designers or other colleagues in the stone industry worldwide.

Låt oss inspirera och assistera Dig för att välja unika och prisvärda stenar 

Låt oss guida Dig till en värld av unika och annorlunda naturstenar - som tillsammans med våra kreativa designidéer, kan skapa en unik karaktär och känsla för Ditt hem, kontor, butik, bar, restaurang, reception - eller vad det nu kan gälla för kommersiell lokal. 

It is easy and beneficial to cooperate with us

We would be delighted for having meaningful and fruitful cooperation with individuals and other companies who like our cause, vision and mission. Are you an interior designer, architect, property developer, estate agent, landlord, constructor, stone dealer, stone quarry owner, stone fabricator, furniture manufacturer, artisan, startup/tech company, or somehow work with natural stones?

Total Stone Project Management, TSPM

A “full-suite” solution for a successful natural stones’ supply chain management



We hopefully will pass global crisis 

Corona crisis has changed Aura stones activities and plans radically. Since early 2020, we, likewise many other companies, have faced uncertainties and fundamental challenges. Our previous stone supply chain was blocked in several points, and disconnection with our clients, partners and other sources became a painful fact.

The Russian's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine has also started a new uncertain era in the world with tragic and catastrophic consequences primarily for Ukrainian people and in a more profound perspective for the whole of the world. 

Despite all challenges, we spent all our efforts for:

  • Fulfilling our social responsibility for assisting our community/society/world in defeating social and natural crises
  • Performing excellent work and serving our clients aligned with our pledges
  • Planning and acting creatively and innovatively for developing our company in compliance with its "cause" and "mission". 

We hope that our website mirrors how we will make our efforts and strives for serving our clients with value, purpose, passion and joyfulness.

Aura Stone Trade and Design stands with Ukraine

Good to know

About our

Tabletop collection

Aura stone's tabletop collection is a great and practical solution for those looking for tabletops of various stone types, shapes, sizes and thicknesses for a wide range of applications.

The name Lapiarte stands for the Latin words Lapide= Stone and Arte=Art. Lapiarte is a commercial trademark founded and developed by Aura Stone Trade and design in 2018.