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Aura Stone Trade & Design is a committed Swedish company based in Stockholm. We specialise in the provision and supply chain management of unique natural stones globally and create interiors and designs in which natural stone is the main component. We aim to inspire people to use natural stone as an environmentally friendly construction material and as a piece of art made by mother nature to decorate joyfully various spaces.



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We are hopefully approaching a Post-COVID19 era 

Corona crisis has changed Aura stones activities and plans radically. Since early 2020, we faced likewise many other companies, uncertainties and fundamental challenges. Our previous stone supply chain was blocked in several points, and disconnection with our clients, partners and other sources became a painful fact.

Despite all challenges, we spent all our efforts on three main goals:

A- Fulfilling our social responsibility for assisting our community/society in defeating the Corona crisis

B- Serving our existing customers regardless of their order

C- Collecting and managing our thoughts, ideas, and fantasies to prepare us for a post-covid period for developing a company in compliance with its "cause" and "mission".

We hope that our new website mirrors how we will make our efforts and strives for re-designing, re-focusing and re-modelling our company prior to a post-covid period for re-serving our clients with value, purpose, passion and joyfulness.


We take care of your stones from the quarry up to your space.....