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We do believe we can add value to your core business.

B2B cooperation

Do you belong to any of the following categories?

Could natural stones be part of the services or products you offer to your clients?

We would be delighted for having meaningful and fruitful cooperation with individuals and other companies who like our cause, vision and mission. Are you an interior designer, architect, property developer, estate agent, landlord, constructor, stone dealer, stone quarry owner, stone fabricator, furniture manufacturer, artisan, startup/tech company, or somehow work with natural stones?
In that case, we endeavour to work with you to create a solid ground for a “Win & Win” and long-lasting cooperation.

Aura Stone are able to contribute to your business by providing:

  • High quality, unique and rare products
  • Creative and innovative ideas, designs and concepts
  • Cost efficiency and valuable pricing
  • Transparency in all procedures and communication
  • Respectful, sustainable and fair Stone Trade policy
  • Stone e-commerce creation as a natural part of the business

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a supplier or

a contracted source

Are you a quarry owner or stone fabricator?

We believe that quarry owners and stone fabricators are the core of the natural stone industry. However, they generally end up as an anonymous part of the supply chain for many reasons, especially in developing countries. This group’s profit margin could be shallow in economic terms compared to what middle hands earn in the natural stone’s supply chain.

At Aura Stone, we are dedicated to representing quarry owners and stone fabricators professionally and fairly globally, particularly across the European market.

Do you belong to this group?

Through our proactive marketing, we make your stones more recognisable and desirable for the market. We aim to become your most reliable route to the end-users & buyers. By eliminating or minimising middle hands, we make your business more recognisable and profitable.

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Startup & Tech.Co

The stone and stone "industry" has been part of civilisation in various forms since several thousand years ago. Despite the technical development of this industry, there are still remarkably many fields in the stone supply chain which need developments and evolutions. Apart from the need for efficient and environmentally friendly prospecting, mining, and excavation, several other areas in the natural stone industry claim improvement and radical reform.

Waste management, energy efficiency, product development and accuracy, manufacturing process and management, management and marketing, labour security and risk management, transportation, and warehousing could be some of many fields where startups and knowledge-based companies would be decisive game-changers. They would bring innovation and technical solutions into this traditional sector.

At Aura stone, we wish to use people's unique skillsets for making natural stones more attractive and accessible for customers. For that reason, we intend to create a common ground for collaborations or partnership with creative people, startups and tech companies in the whole stone supply chain phases. So, if you are one of them, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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Artisan & Designer

Stone materials can be shaped and used in an infinite number of ways. In many cases, architects, designers, art creators and artisans are an essential bridge to introducing customers to the fantastic possibilities of natural stones. The common obstacles for many creators which stop them from creating outstanding natural stone art/design are lack of:

  • knowledge about existing stone types globally,
  • a proper technical solution for reshaping the natural stone to the desired product,
  • financial sources for covering the costs,
  • a long-term cooperative stone provider passionate about Art&Design.

Aura Stone will be delighted for assisting creative and committed designers and artisan in eliminating the obstacles above. If this is a set-up you are interested in, please contact us right away.

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Total Stone Project Management, TSPM

TSPM is Aura Stone Trade and Design's "end-to-end" (E2E) stone supply chain management, which involves an entire integrated process that provides the client with a flow of seamless activities for adding the most value possible at the lowest possible cost.
TSPM covers all necessary actions from product/project design and procurement of stone materials then scheduling, fabrication/customisation, delivery, and finally, the installation of finished products for the client.
Furthermore, it could be extended to after-sales service and reverse workflow depending on the nature of the project.

Working with us

Aura stone is a company with a genuine passion for natural stone. Inspiring people for using natural stones for various applications is perhaps our top mission. For that reason, we highly rely on our team members who believe strongly in the or mission and want to impact the organisation and our clients or customers positively.

Regardless of whether you have previous educations, skills, or experience from the stone industry, we continuously search for interested and enthusiastic individuals about developing the company and serving our clients. To empower our stone supply chain, marketing and selling our products, we can hire you, if possible, or ask you to work as our local agent/representative in appropriate geographic regions based on a designated mission from Aura stone.

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