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Any natural stone we see around us is a result of a fascinating evolutionary process. Mother nature’s minerals, over billions of years, have slowly been exposed to different chemical and physical reactions, which have shaped them as we see them today. Using our stones for the interior and exterior decoration of your home, office etc., is a natural part of wanting to be close to the Earth. Humankind has a long history of being at one with nature, and incorporating that into your space is a fantastic feeling.

At Aura Stone, we are passionate about bringing this wonderful feeling into your space for you to enjoy and share with others. As we are passionate about Mother Nature and our client’s needs, we take special care to identify and supply the natural stones perfect for your circumstances. We are pleased to provide a wide range of natural stones from stone cubes to final products such as tiles, slabs, and decorative or functional items. Our stones can be used for any space, including kitchen, office, commercial premises or public environments.

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One of the essential components of our business activity is the extensive network of quarry owners and block and slab yards across the world.

Due to our partnerships, we are able to provide a hassle-free and upfront service for the most common stones such as; Granite, Marble, Slate, Soapstone and Travertine. Otherwise, through our vast network of dedicated and qualified fabricators worldwide, we can offer our clients a wide range of exclusive and rare stones such as Onyx, Traonyx, Quartzite, exquisite Granites and Calcite for all tastes and desires.

Natural stones have a fantastic range of variations. There is an infinite possibility of stone patterns and colour mixtures. Customers are given a wide range of options in stone types and colour choices based on taste and application. Apart from providing the common stones, we aim to provide rare, unique and eye-catching quality stones within the market. Our crucial features include having access to several hundred contracted quarries and stone fabricators worldwide and our genuine passion for searching and identifying new stone types. Our features make Aura Stone a very “easy-going” and “practical” partner for giving customers what they desire.


Stone Collection

In this category, we offer general popular stone types with excellent availability and high production capacity at a fair and sensible price.

In this category, we offer rare, luxury and unique stone types with limited availability and customised production capacity with a precious and affordable price range.

In this category, we offer unique and attractive stone types with moderate availability and manageable production capacity with a very competitive but reasonable range.

In this category, we offer stone types or stone products in their introductory phase, as part of a specific marketing camping, as temporary or as occasional products in our stock. The products presented in this category could be an excellent opportunity for those who like "Bargain Prices".

Tabletop Collection

Aura -stone-tabletop-collection-for-many-applications-1

Natural stone is a functional and durable furniture solution. Natural stone’s visual appearance and boldness would create attraction and admiration wherever you furnished your space with. Many people highly appreciate tabletops made of natural stone. One noble thing about natural stone is that no two stones are alike, making every single tabletop one of a kind. It works throughout your home, office, shops, garden etc.

Aura stone’s tabletop collection is a great and practical solution for those looking for tabletops av various stone type, shape, size and thickness for a wide range of applications. Our stone tabletops could be offered in particular and predefined shape, thicknesses and sizes. However, customised dimensions can be fabricated, highly dependent on the volume and frequency of your orders or projects.

Either you are looking for a stone top for a round coffee table, a dining table, hallway console or window sill, we can offer natural stone of high quality, distinctive look and completive and reasonable price range.

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Having access to our website, social media channels, newsletter, Youtube channel, catalogues, digital showroom etc., can give you an excellent and convenient opportunity for finding unique and exciting stone or stone products 24/7 wherever you are.




Our inspirational illustrations, images, visualisation and modelling of various stone types alongside additional explanations and recommendations would give you a solid ground for picking the best option for you; based on your expectation or requirement.



Our committed team member will assist you by giving all other details, complementary information, and quotes to make you satisfied and secure prior to your final decision.




If you are confident with your decision, making your order is just a couple of clicks away from you. Later on, we will update you continuously digitally about all details and the status of your order.

We believe that identifying, liking, and purchasing your favourite stone should be convenient, simple, practical, and exciting for whatsoever applications you need them. As a "game-changer," we do our utmost for transmitting the classic and somehow old-fashion stone business to a modern, flexible,

customer-oriented, time and cost-efficient one. 

In our virtual showroom, AUVISH,  you will find the stone types currently available, which we are proud to provide. Depending on order value, your order could take 4-8 weeks to receive. Of course, Fast Track Delivery can be arranged for any customer who requests it. Please be aware that the availability of stones are refreshed daily as the market request can be unpredictable and dynamic. However, we do our utmost to provide the stone/product you desire to order under all circumstances.

As stone providers and stone design developers, we aim to evolve digital communication and interaction between our customers and us to inspire and assist them in obtaining the ultimate choice and buy. We are working towards this direction and hopefully will very soon welcome you to our extensive digital and intelligent stone world. However, let us invite you to visit the "light version" of our virtual showroom, in which you can discover what we can offer you for the moment. As soon you are interested in any of our stone types, we will e-mail you further details and quotations accordingly.