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A masterpiece of the legendary designer Oro Ito, Venus Marble Chaise Lonhue

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Any natural stone we see around us is a result of a fascinating evolutionary process. Mother nature’s minerals, over billions of years, have slowly been exposed to different chemical and physical reactions, which have shaped them as we see them today.

Using our stones for the interior decoration of your home, office etc., is a natural part of wanting to be close to the Earth. Humankind has a long history of being at one with nature, and incorporating that into your space is a fantastic feeling. Despite that, the knowledge and awareness about the wide range of available stones and various applications are unfamiliar for many people.

On this page, we try to highlight various applications of natural stones, either created by Aura Stone or by other creative interior designers or other colleagues in the stone industry worldwide.

We do hope these creations would inspire you to decorate or furnish your own spaces with natural stones. Under any circumstances, our design team and suppliers are here to assist you in realising your ideas, wishes, or dreams.

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