Our hypothesis

Decorating your home, office, commercial spaces and elsewhere with items made of natural stone could be the ultimate desire for you and many other people.

Any natural stone we see around us is a result of a fascinating evolutionary process, which have historically been used in various shapes with a wide range of applications.


Nowadays, there are numerous alternatives in the market but natural stones are still something special. The main reasons could be the fact that natural stone materials create a unique eye catching look, unmissable sense of high quality and luxury. At the same time, they are more durable and robust than similar engineered and manufactured products.


Decorating your office, home etc. with natural stones is in fact to bring a part of planet earth’s long history so close to you, which is undoubtedly a fantastic feeling.

Despite a wide spread interest for stones,

there are some key factors which could make stone material less achievable for

many consumers. Higher prices of natural stone material and finished products

could be some of the major barrier for many people to choose more often these

wonderful material. But, why are stone materials generally expensive?


Obviously, processing the stone material from quarry to a finished product requires an advanced and costly fabrication process, however, Aura Stone believe that the involvement of many middlemen and dealers could have a considerable impact on the higher price of natural Stone Material for the end-users. Logically, minimising the amount of the middlemen

in the Stone trade process would make stone material more affordable for many

people, which is Aura Stone’s ultimate intention and mission.

About us?

Our causes

Aura Stone is passionate about natural stones, their unique properties, amazing patterns and textures. Any piece of natural stone we see around us is actually a fascinating result of an outstanding evolution of mother nature’s minerals.

Slowly, over billions of years, they have been exposed to various chemical and

physical reactions and have been shaped as we see them today. We do 

believe that there are no products around us with such a long and patient

production process, isn’t that fantastic?


Our ambition is to inspire people and at the same time make it easy to use natural stones more frequently at homes, in offices, in commercial or public spaces and elsewhere. Unfortunately, the presence of too many, and often unnecessary, middlemen on the natural stone’s path from quarries to the end-user makes natural stone material generally too expensive for many people. Our intention is to break this Status Quo by being a reliable short cut between quarry owners and end users. This makes premium quality natural stone material more accessible and affordable for a wide range of


Running a profitable business is undoubtedly part of our goals but not the only one. Profit should be assumed as result of all our actions to fulfil our causes, which are: 

Our core business

Our core business is to supply premium

natural stone products to the market. We do that, at the first place as a provider. We rely on our partners who are contracted, dedicated and qualified quarry-owners around the globe. Our intention is to persistently extend the list of our collaborative partners with new entities. For that reason, on a

regular basis, we identify and deal with appropriate queries, particularly in

developing countries. These queries should fulfil our qualitative and quantitative criteria, match our Eco-profile and also apply a fair labour policy.


The other main track in our business is to

present creative and designed items made of natural stones, to the market.

Regardless of whether we design the item in our workshops or cooperate with

reputable external designers, our ambition is to offer you a decorative, functional and eye-catching item, which you love to place at your home or work space.

Making it doable, affordable and simple to decorate your surrounding with premium quality natural stone.

Promoting a standard of life for labours considering unprivileged stone producers in the developing countries

Minimising or eliminating all negative environmental impact of the stone processing industry

Our uniqueness

Our responsibilities

SFST, Sustainable and Fair Stone Trade



Sweden is known as one of the world leaders in industrial companies. Above that, Sweden, as a nation, persistently act towards resolving global issues considering peace, environment, social welfare and more. Fair and sustainable business trade are two other reputable codes of conduct, which successful Swedish companies have tried to comply with.


As part of Swedish Business Community, Aura Stone strives to create a sustainable and fair global stone trade, wherein quarries and stone providers in developing countries, and the consumers in the European market, could be connected together in a sufficient and mutually beneficial way.


At the same time, Aura Stone does its outmost to influence the decision makers to enhance working conditions and living standards for quarry and stone workers and also to eliminate the negative impact of this industry on the environment.


In activities which Aura Stone is directly or indirectly involved, we proactively take necessary measures towards:

Eliminating or mitigating the negative impact of stone processing on the nature


Promoting recycling and C2C (cradle to cradle) principal considering water and energy consumption


Enhancing stone workers, personal development, mental and physical well being and also mine / quarry's security


Creating sustainable job opportunities for the local people where quarries are located

Eliminating any employment of minors / child labour in stone trade supply chain

We are committed to act as your One-Stop Shop to facilitating and coordinating your natural stone procurement from A to Z


We are not a middle man. Rather, we are a facilitator and coordinator who systematically and professionally shortens the distance between stone producers and end-users.


Through our representatives, we identify and qualify appropriate and qualified quarries and local stone fabricators in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Mostly, we offer premium and valuable items to the European markets.


We try to adapt our business gradually to e-commerce and digital interactivity with clients and at the same time simplifying required steps for purchasing the desired stone products for the customers.


By minimising the over head costs, having an efficient working process, optimising warehousing and applying a professional and skilled management we make natural stone material more affordable for many people.


We always strive for fair trade for customers, environment and labourers.

We dedicate part of the company’s revenue to resolving some social, particularly for children, or environmental issues in the developing countries we source the stone material from.

Undoubtedly, we will be delighted to serve all potential customers. However, we generally will not act as a stone material retailer directly to the end users, except for certain projects.


We are pleased, as global stone supplier, to collaborate with the following groups:

  • Major size landlords or property owners
  • Construction companies or contractors
  • Property developers
  • Real estates
  • Architects
  • Interior and exterior designers
  • Furniture designers or manufacturers
  • Local stone traders or fabricators
  • Home improvement store chains or DIY

Our clients

Our pricing

For those who are looking barely for inexpensive natural stone products, we are afraid to say that perhaps Aura Stone is not an option. Our focus is mainly to provide high quality and premium products however with a valuable and competitive price tag on.

Our pricing policy will be a result of following factors:

  • Volume of your order
  • Uniqueness or rareness of your stone choice
  • Time prior to delivery
  • Way of delivery
  • Payment model
  • Grade and timing of Aura Stones involvement in your project

Our products and services never will be cheap but

always highly valuable.

Our sales channels

Generally, our sales channel will be mainly through our partner in your local area.


Please contact us in order for us to give you more details about your nearest partner.


At your local partner you will find our stone samples, printed and digital catalogue, and more details about our products and services.


Currently, we are developing a customer friendly and interactive e-commerce shop, which will make your stone purchase process remarkably easier and time saving.


Moreover, you are always able to send your enquiry digitally direct to us right here.


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